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Create flowcharts, process diagrams, org charts, UML, ER diagrams, network diagrams and much more with the popular diagramming app draw.io for Confluence.

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Fortune 500 proven technology

draw.io is based on market leading diagramming technology mxGraph that allows you to use various diagramming techniques and charts - but keeps usage simple. draw.io is fully embedded within Confluence, following German privacy standards, no diagram data leaves your Confluence installation.

Having browser problems?

draw.io is the only embedded diagramming plugin that supports every major browser in use. So don't worry if you are using mobile devices or IE8, we will handle it.

Supports ISO 9001 processes

draw.io supports full version control integrated with Confluence’s version history. There is no other diagramming add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace offering this kind of revision handling.

About us

draw.io for Confluence is a collaboration between //SEIBERT/MEDIA and JGraph. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of Atlassian's biggest partners worldwide with over 100 employees in San Diego (USA) and Wiesbaden (Germany). JGraph has been licensing web diagramming technology to world's largest companies since 2005, their technology is used in over 70% of Fortune 100 companies.

Free web app available

You can see the application in action at www.draw.io, it's free and demonstrates all the available features, such as Visio import.

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Pricing (new licences)

The one-time purchase of the plugin license (perpetual) legitimates you to install and use the plugin in one Confluence instance and all its testing instances. The installation on further instances is prohibited. For the first 12 months after purchasing the license, you get updates for this plugin free of charge. After that you can extend your license for another 12 months.

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

Please contact us: sales@seibert-media.net

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We are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner


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