There are a number of providers for cloud migration tools.
On this page we have listed a comparison of private Google Drive to business G Suite migration tools.

pricing structuremight become part of G Suite proper
  • starts at $200 USD
  • 200 GB included
  • $20 USD per user
  • $1 USD per GB
  • $15 USD per user
  • size limit (question)
  • $15 USD per license
  • license includes 10 GB
  • starts at $1.25 USD per GB
  • user limit (question)
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file access permissions(tick) (error)(error)(tick)
sharing settings(tick)


same as Google
runs traffic through US
Team Drive migration*(tick) (tick)(tick)(error)(error)

†) missing confirmation / unanswered inquiry from service provider
*) lets you migrate your existing directory structure directly into G Suite Team Drives and split it up as desired

Questions or reservations?

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