What is it?With so much interest we saw in our product at Atlassian Summit 2015, we would like to offer free on-site workshop for our Confluence-based intranet solution, Linchpin. We will be touring the US in December 2015. You can pick a date with our scheduling service Calendly.
Why?You are interested in our intranet solution Linchpin, want learn more, and want us to help present it to your co-workers and management.
Who will come?Your workshop leader will be Eric Klein. He is our most experienced and senior Confluence consultant and has experience from multiple big Linchpin intranet implementations in corporations with more than 50,000 employees.
Really free?Yes, no strings attached. Intranet projects are complex and you need to know that you can fully trust us. Our projects are not free but we believe in its quality enough to make the trip to you for this free workshop.


We will also cover other topics around Atlassian software. Just contact us with your needs via the form.

These dates are available: Pick a date and get in contact.

DateWeekdayStatusCityState / Country
December, 1stTuesdayBUSYLondonUnited Kingdom
December, 2ndWednesdayBUSYFrankfurtGermany
December, 3rdThursdayBUSYNew York City 
December, 4thFridayBUSYNew York City 
December, 7thMondayBUSYLiverpool & NYCNew York
December, 8thTuesdayBUSYNew York CityNew York
December, 9thWednesdayBUSYNew York CityNew York
December, 10thThursdaySOME AVAILABILITYNew York CityNew York
December, 11thFridayBUSYNew York CityNew York
December, 14thMondaySOME AVAILABILITYSaint LouisMissouri
December, 15thTuesdayBUSYKansas CityMissouri
December, 16thWednesdayBUSYKansas CityMissouri
December, 17thThursdaySOME AVAILABILITYWashingtonDC
December, 18thFridayAVAILABLEWashingtonDC
December, 21stMondayAVAILABLELos AngelesCalifornia


All your topics will be covered as well.

Do you want to talk about JIRA or Dev Tools in general? Have specific questions about Confluence? Want better understanding of licensing? Whatever it is, we're happy to come on site and help you. And if we do not have all answers with us, Eric will have our team of experts help him get you a short answer afterwards.

Essentials about Linchpin

Video with Feature-Overview

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