What we need to do great marketing:

To sell your apps, we need the logo of your product and of your company. Please send them in a good quality to: google@seibert-media.net or to your direct contact.


We want our customers to be happy and well informed. It would be great if you could send us a few screenshots of typical use cases.


Text snippets

Please send us a few text snippets about your app in different lengths in English. We are sure your english is much better than ours (wink)


Links to YouTube videos

It's always good to have YouTube videos to share with customers. So if you have some, please send us links!

Raw video files! 

Want a German voice-over? In this case we need a raw video file in a common format (e.g. mp4) with a high resolution (Full HD would be nice). We also need a transcript of the English text in the video.

How to get started

We love to support you and your G Suite marketplace apps!

To do meaningful marketing, we need more information about you and your products.

Create a guest blog post

Learn more about writing for us in English and let us translate your post in German and reach thousands of our customers here: https://seibert.biz/guestauthor 

... and do a webinar with us! 

Schedule a webinar with us (preferably after we have created the English (and German) landing-page). Simply check the following page and fill out the attached form! https://seibert.biz/becomeawebinarguest

Our marketing-team will happily send you all the following details! 


Link to this page: https://seibert.biz/gsuitemarketing

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