This add-on allows you to automatically populate Confluence user groups.

User groups are populated based on profile information, particularly the information from the Custom User Profile add-on. For example, Dynamic User Groups can create a group for employees based on their location. Employees who have this particular location in their profile will be automatically added to the group.

Create user groups via the Confluence User Group Management

This add-on can populate existing Confluence user groups. Creating a new group or deleting an existing group is done as usual in the Confluence User Group Management. 


Add-on administration

Dynamic User Groups creates its own menu item in Confluence Administration when it is installed.

First you should set the filter criteria. Select the profile fields which you want to use when assigning users to user groups.

Now, assign profile fields to each user group. This setting determines which users, based on their profile information, are assigned to each user group.

Note that users are not assigned to their groups their user profile is updated. Users are assigned to groups when they manually save their profile, at the time of an AD/LDAP synchronization, or with the execution of a "Scheduled Job", specifically created for this add-on.

The Dynamic User Groups add-on can be used in combination with the Custom User Profile add-on, version 1.12 and later. With an older version of the Custom User Profile add-on, group synchronization will only work via the "Scheduled Job", and not when a user changes their profile or when AD/LDAP is synchronized.

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