Room to Read

Your donations to Room to Read support girls' literacy and education in disadvantaged countries. 

A huge thanks to all who have completed our Linchpin or survey during Summit!

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 You will find us at booth D1 with and at booth B19 with Linchpin!

The Agenda

DateTimeEvent DescriptionLocation

September 2

1pm to 5pm

Join our exclusive Info Session about Linchpin Intranetsdraw.ioPower Scripts & StepShot on Sunday! (one day before Atlassian Europe Summit)

Monday, September 310:15am - 4:15pm1:1 Sessions with Linchpin or draw.ioPlaca de la Universitat 1, 08011 Barcelona
Monday, September 36pm - 10pmWelcome receptionAt the conference exhibition
Tue, September 44:05pmLearn how you can customize, and diagram faster and easier than ever before presentation in Theater A

September 4-5
7:30am - 5.30pm

Meet the team at the D1 booth booth at the conference exhibition (D1)
Tue-Wed, September 4- 5

7.30am - 17.15pmFind out about Linchpin intranets at the B19 booth//SEIBERT/MEDIA booth at the conference exhibition (B19)
Tue-Wed, September 4-59am - 7:15pm1:1 Sessions with Linchpin or draw.ioAt the conference exhibition


Join us at Atlassian Summit Europe 2018 in Barcelona

Personal invitation from Martin Seibert & Inga Koreng

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