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Job facts

LocationThroughout whole country from remote, preferably greater San Diego area
Job typePart time employee or freelancer, later full time
PaymentFixed hourly rate
What mattersAtlassian knowledge, fast and reliable communication and offers, customer value driven advice
RequirementExperience in Atlassian software and 1st level support
Business travellingNone, but you should be willing to travel to Germany once a year to meet with our German colleagues

About us

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the world's biggest Atlassian partners (top 5 measured in turnover).
We are 75 employees world wide and have a revenue of more than 7 M USD. Our customers search for high end knowledge and reliability for their Atlassian projects and often belong to the world's biggest and well-known companies.

Job description

We never cold call or perform aggressive sales activities. All leads you will deal with come from interested prospects or existing customers.

We want to offer fast and accurate replies to all requests we get. It will be your task to relate to our contacts and find out what their real needs are. We do not care if they need our services or not. You don't have to sell anything. Your task is to help and create the highest value possible.

We believe in long-term trusting relationships and that they pay off. So should you.

The minimum requirement for this job is experience and usage of Atlassian software. Please tell us about your experience in your application.

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