The values for a user profile field in Linchpin User Profiles are not imported from LDAP when running the Scheduled Job "LUP: Bulk profile update (LDAP sync)".


User data

Check the user you observed this behavior for. Verify that the user is considered Active by Confluence and that a matching user is present in the configured directory service to synchronize with.

Field configuration

Check whether the User Profiles field is configured properly and verify that the key for the LDAP field matches your directory structure.

Verify that the Scheduled Job has finished

Depending on the number of users that are imported, this might take some time. The caches are cleared only after the Job has finished as well. So even if a user was already imported, the new information might not be shown immediately.

Check whether the user's information is imported correctly when you edit a single user profile regularly in Confluence.

(tick) Information is updated

If this is the case, please check if the Incremental Sync for user profiles is enabled.

In situations where the profile field has been created after the user profile was imported for the first time, the incremental sync might prevent information to be updated, unless other data has been changed for this user as well. When this happens, the bulk sync will show something like the message below in the logs.

[impl.schedule.caesium.JobRunnerWrapper] runJob

Scheduled job net.seibertmedia.plugin.confluence.cup:ldapBulkProfileUpdateJob#ldap-bulk-profile-update-job-config-run
Now completed unsuccessfully with response JobRunnerResponse[
  message='No userdata found in directory. Finished sync.'

Please disable the incremental sync and perform a full synchronization of all user profiles afterward, so that the data for the new profile field will be properly imported for all users. Enable the incremental sync afterward again.

Another error source could be the field timestamp pattern of your LDAP resource. Please check if the timestamp pattern you have defined within the Incremental Sync configuration matches the pattern which is used by your configured directory service. 

(error) Information is not updated

Please contact our support team at to assist you with further investigation. It's helpful to include your Confluence Directory Configuration Summary in the request, which you can access under

In case you are using a Microsoft ActiveDirectory, it's possible that a directory-internal incremental sync is preventing full data synchronization. You can verify this by examining the respective checkbox state when editing this Confluence directory (it should be present in the Advanced Settings section).

Check the amount of data sources

If the individual profile sync works, but the scheduled synchronization appears to not have an effect, please check whether your User Directory configuration might cause the same user(s) to be sourced from more than one directory. When this is the case, you can try temporarily disabling the additional directories and see if running the scheduled job is successful with only one directory providing user data.

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This page was last edited on 05/22/2023.