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The Linchpin Mobile app on a user's mobile device throws the following error when adding a new login after the user entered the Confluence instance's protocol and URL:


This error appears when Linchpin Mobile cannot reach a Confluence system at the provided URL via the provided protocol. There are several causes for this:

  • The Confluence instance the user is trying to reach uses a protocol other than the provided one (HTTPS / HTTP).
  • The URL entered is not correct.
  • The Confluence instance is running behind a firewall and there is no VPN connection active on the mobile device.
  • The Confluence instance is currently down or not available for other reasons, e.g. maintenance.


Depending on the potential cause of this issue try the following options:

  • Check that the selected protocol matches the Confluence instance's base URL settings.
  • Make sure the URL entered is spelled correctly and matches the Confluence instance's base URL (including the context path if necessary, e.g.
  • Make sure the mobile device is connected to the company's VPN if the Confluence instance is running behind a firewall.

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