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Working and Collaborating in Confluence


In this training, our trainers provide central, practical information on how to get started with content creation in Confluence.

  • How does watching, favoriting, and sharing content work in Confluence and what differentiates the features?
  • How can I efficiently collaborate with others or make them aware of content in Confluence?
  • What possibilities does collaborative editing of content offer me and how can the changes be tracked?
  • Different commenting features in Confluence:
    • Page comments, inline comments & comments on attachments.
    • How does which option work and when do I apply which comment function?
  • Functions and settings options of the user profiles in Confluence
    • Profile information
    • Own activity and network
    • Email settings


The training will take place via a Zoom video conference and is designed to be interactive. There will be enough room for individual questions and clarifications. A microphone and, in the best case, a webcam will be required.

Duration: 90 minutes

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