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Reviews & releases

While Gliffy is the oldest diagramming add-on in the Atlassian has been the highest rated in the Atlassian Marketplace since 2013. Both products are being actively developed and are free to test from the Atlassian marketplace.

Product update frequency online is developed as an Agile application, with releases of the online product up to 4 times daily. for Confluence has longer release cycles for extra stability, but still is the most frequently updated add-on of the three. Gliffy, in contrast, was only updated 7 times in 2016.


You can create professional diagrams in Confluence with Gliffy and, both of the editors are mature and well featured. The key to a quality diagramming add-on in Confluence is the level to which it is integrated, the extent to which the add-on behaves as you expect Confluence to behave and follow the same key flows, like full revision control.

If you are searching for a professional diagramming solution, that is integrated directly into Confluence server, we provide you with the opportunity to easily evaluate Gliffy and in a Confluence test system. Just contact us!

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