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3.2.0 Release Notes

  • Inserting new diagrams does not require saving the Confluence page any longer. When you insert via the insert menu, you can search for other diagrams to use as a template, or pick one of the built-in templates. You then go straight into the editor to build the diagram.
  • [DRAW-7] Improvements to auto-scrolling behaviour. Previously, the editor attempted to re-position the editing area to centralise the active area. This has been disabled, it wasn't popular.
  • The export dialog offers the option to export the diagram XML, as requested by a number of users.
  • Pinch handling has been fixed on iOS. It now zooms correctly, previously pinching in certain way could render the editor unusable.
  • The outline view (birds eye) is not enabled by default any longer. It can be displayed via 'view' in the menu, but appears as a floating window now, as opposed to being fixed into the UI.


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