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Does your company use an approval workflow? Linchpin Enterprise News has the ability to enable an approval workflow for news, too.

General concept 

Sometimes, you might be in need for a workflow that includes an approval. Confluence doesn't offer this possibility by default. Linchpin Enterprise News comes with a simple, one-step approval workflow.

As long as the approval workflow is activated, only users defined as editors (or users belonging to a group that is defined as an editor) are able to publish blog posts.

Users with editing permissions still can write blog posts, but they won't see a publish button anymore. Instead, there's a button called Submit for approval for those users.

The approval workflow can be configured on a space level. This means that you have to activate this function for every space that the approval workflow should be applied to.

Activate the approval workflow and define editors

Navigate to the space tools of a space in which you want to setup an approval workflow.

Click on the  Space tools button, then click on the Permissions button.

Here, select the News Approval Workflow tab.

In the Users / groups field, enter the users or user groups that should be able to edit, approve or reject blog posts.

Want everyone to be able to publish news again? Remove all editors from the News Approval Workflow tab! 

This page was last edited on 09/08/2020.