How to get help

Following support channels are available:

  1. Read our public plugin documentations.
  2. Create a support ticket at our Helpdesk.
  3. Ask a question in the Atlassian community.

When contacting us you should always provide further information, to speed up response and resolution times.

Free Support Includes

Support for our Marketplace plugins includes:

  1. Investigation of problems with our plugins.
  2. Support with the installation of our plugins.
  3. Support for Upgrades and Updates of our plugins.

Free Support Does NOT Include

Support for our products does NOT include:

  1. Support for plugins that are beta, release candidates, development snapshots or have reached end-of-life status. 
  2. Support for plugins, that have been altered by you or a third party.
  3. Development of new functions or extension of existing functionality.
  4. Support for problems, that are documented or described in detail and can not be reproduced.
  5. Support for third party plugins.
  6. Support for end users.
  7. Trainings for Atlassian products or plugins.
  8. Support in any language other than English or German.
  9. Any other services not related to our plugins.
  10. Support for general problems with application performance.
  11. Support for versions, that are not listed as compatible.

Rating and response time

We will try to answer you as fast as possible. Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (CET). All German and Hessian holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are excluded.

Response time
CriticalProblem with a plugin in a production environment, which causes the system or a critical business process to not work correctly or with severe cutbacks.8 business hours
NormalOther problems with a plugin.24 business hours


Find a list of the next holidays in Germany and the federal state Hessen.

Day of German Unity2021-10-03, Sunday
Christmas Eve2021-12-24, Sunday
Christmas2021-12-25, Monday
Second Christmas Day2021-12-26, Tuesday
New Year's Eve2021-12-31, Friday
New Years Day2022-01-01, Saturday
Good Friday2022-04-15, Friday
Easter Monday2022-04-18, Monday
Labor Day2022-05-01, Monday
Ascension Day2022-05-26, Thursday
Whit Monday2022-06-06, Monday
Corpus Christi2022-06-16, Thursday
Day of German Unity2022-10-03, Monday
Christmas Eve2022-12-24, Sunday
Christmas2022-12-25, Monday
Second Christmas Day2022-12-16, Tuesday
New Year's Eve2022-12-31, Friday
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