Version 5.0 - The all new Microblog Editor

We introduced a new custom Microblog Editor


  • Reply to microposts and stay in place: With the new Microblog version it is possible that you reply to a post and stay in position. No jumping up the page to the editor.
  • Faster and easier to understand Editor: Less is more was part of the concept of the new Microblog Editor. Writing a post should be as easy as possible. Only necessary functions should be visible and easy to use. That way, we were able to reduce the loading time of the editor and thus the Microblog significantly.
  • Multiple instances of the Microblog on one page: It is now possible to have multiple instances of the microblog on one page. No errors loading the editor. Editing posts might lead to problems though. 
  • Quickly insert and delete uploaded images and attachments: With the new upload window you are now able to add and delete attachments and images straight from where you work. Deleting an image from the upload dialog will now delete the image from the selected topic / space as well.


  • Performance: Faster loading of the Editor
  • Compatibility: We improved compatibility with RefinedTheme and Bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme
  • Comments: Page Comments as well as inline Comments are now possible on Microblog-Pages (Not Microblog content itself though)
  • Security: possible insecure endpoints of the editor are now fixed.


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This content was last updated on 01/14/2020.

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