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Create a user specific navigation



2.3.3 Release Notes

Increased z-index to fix superposition of menus in combination with certain other plugins.


2.3.2 Release Notes

In some cases it has been impossible to edit the menu structure when using Internet Explorer. That should be fixed now.


2.3.1 Release Notes

We have taken several steps to reduce the time to display the menu.

In short, we start loading the menu as early as possible, even before we are able to display it. Also, the check whether the current user is permitted to edit the menu structure is done independently and does not delay the menu display anymore.


2.3 Release Notes

  • Made permission system more transparent and intuitive regarding global permissions. 
  • Tweaked performance when viewing menus. Now uses 50% less REST-calls.
  • Changed and optimized cache usage.
  • Navigation Menu Editor will now respect global site permissions over any specific space or page permissions users may have received. 
  • Fixed flyout menu preview not displaying in some cases.
  • Links to plugin actions will no longer incorrectly resolve as if they were Confluence pages.
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