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Microblogging for Confluence

Share information, have conversations, write messages and updates

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Release Notes 3.1.1

Hotfix release fixing a bug concerning email notifications and micropost creation date


  • Mentioning triggers wrong email sender.
  • Micropost modification date is undefined.

Release Notes 3.1

We added Hipchat integration and support for big Confluence instances

Requires Confluence HipChat Plugin at least in version 7. You can update it via add-on management in your Confluence instance.


  • HipChat integration: Notifications for new posts.
  • A default topic is not required for the timeline macro anymore.


  • We improved the timeline performance for Confluence instances with many spaces (500+).
  • The edit field adjusts its size to the full microblog width depending on the state of the sidebar.


  • No search mark for reloaded microposts.
  • Timeout for micropost draft creation with Linchpin mobile.


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