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2.4 Release Notes

More permissions for space admins, better hashtags and a lot of bug fixes


  • Space admins can now add and edit topics for their spaces
  • Space admins can now delete microposts within their spaces
  • Permission for micropost creation not only with edit/create page permission but also configurable for comments or blog posts


  • Topics and spaces are listed in mention mails
  • Hashtags are rendered inline and no longer listed under each post
  • Deletion only possible for the latest post inside a discussion thread to maintain the context of a discussion


  • Fixed a bug which added two filters for microposts inside the Confluence search
  • Also check permission on creation of posts
  • Fixed a bug that showed a confusing error message when selecting a deleted topic in the timeline
  • Fixed a bug that led to erroneous handling after session timeouts
  • Fixed a bug which prohibited likes and labels on pages that include a MicroBlog macro
  • Fixed a bug that cleared the timeline when double clicking the update button

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

  • When upgrading, during the first installation of the 2.x version, all existing microposts will be migrated to belong to default topics. This migration process may take quite some time. Please refer to the administration guide for more information.
  • Also the macro "microblog" doesn't exist anymore. All its features are included in the macro "Microblog timeline".


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