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Microblogging for Confluence

Share information, have conversations, write messages and updates

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2.2 Release Notes

Microposts can finally be edited; files are now attached directly to microposts

New Features:

  • Creators and administrators can edit a micropost (a full history will be created). See User Guide: Edit a micropost
  • Files are attached to microposts and no longer to the space homepage of the topic.
  • Confluence 5.9 support (minimal supported Confluence version is now 5.5).


  • Attachments dialog and upload is much faster.
  • Topics load faster, especially if there are many spaces.
  • Minor UX improvements on the daily digest control panel
  • Users that are mentioned multiple times in a post will only receive one notification mail
  • 'More' button does not display duplicate microposts


  • Removing replies to a post correctly resets the date of this post (putting it back in its old place in the timeline)
  • Configured size of images was not respected
  • 'File not found' errors when rendering the PDF and VIDEO macros in a micropost
  • Error while using the microblog without a space homepage
  • Auto-mention for replies sometimes set the wrong user
  • Unnecessary warning 'Topic ID not found'
  • Topic sidebar would sometimes overlay images
  • New in 2.2.1: In version 2.2, we broke notifications when replying to a micropost. This has been fixed in version 2.2.1.

Known Issues:

  • "Save" shortcut tooltip is shown twice in microblogs on pages
  • Switching to the full screen mode of the editor (Ctrl+Shift+F) causes a layout bug
  • Some emoticons (e.g., iPhone emoticons) will lead to database errors in MySQL and the micropost cannot be saved (this is a general MySQL issue), see Administration Guide


End of service

Due to compatibility reasons, with this release the Microblog won't support:

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Confluence Server 5.4

Important general upgrade notes from version 1.x to 2.x

  • When upgrading, during the first installation of the 2.x version, all existing microposts will be migrated to belong to new default topics. This migration process may take quite some time (for more information please see the administration guide).
  • The macro "microblog" is now deprecated and will be removed in a later version. It should not be used anymore. All its features are now included in the new macro "Microblog timeline".




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