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Permission Configuration

In earlier versions of the Microblogging add-on, the permission to post or answer was directly tied to the permission to add pages to the respective space. Beginning with version 2.5, as an admin you now can select, which space permission you want the microblogging to be tied to:

  • Permission to add pages to the respective space (default)
  • Permission to add comments in the respective space
  • Permission to add blog posts to the respective space

The setting you choose here will apply to all spaces within your Confluence instance.

Space Admin

In earlier versions only a global Confluence admin was allowed to add, edit and delete topics and to delete other users' posts. Beginning with version 2.5 space admins can do so, too. While the global admin still finds the combined administration view within the general administration backend, as a space admin you now have an additional entry in your space tools. From here you can manage the topics for your space.

Also as a space admin you can now delete other users' posts within the topics of your space(s).


As space admin you are able to create, edit, move and dissolve topics for your space (see Topic configuration).

There's a tab in the space administration called "Microblog".

For moving a topic or microposts to another space, you need space admin permission for both the source and target space.

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