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Sadly, we aren't perfect. But we are trying to get there! Some issues might appear when using Linchpin Ping.

Already fixed issues

Fixed inIssue TypeDescription of the Issue
General issue

The "Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools" app in version 1.32.1 causes problems for the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

For more information, follow the link below:

Knowledge Base: "Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools" app causes health checks to freeze and blocks the creation of support zips

Other Known Issues

Issue TypeDescription of the Issue
Usability issue

Browser's back button might lead to data loss.

If you hit the "back" button in your browser, it won't take you back to the last step of the onboarding process. Instead it will take you to the very first step and all entered data will be lost.

Display issue

Progress bar might display white gaps.

During the onboarding process, a progress bar indicates when you're done with the setup. In some browsers, the bar shows white gaps between the individual steps. It doesn't look perfect, but it won't affect the app in any other way.

Have you found another issue or do you have a stronger need to fix one of these issues? Tell us here.

Simply visit our feedback board in Canny and create a feature idea, vote for existing posts or discuss your ideas with other customers.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.