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Sadly, we aren't perfect, but we are trying to get there! Some minor bugs might appear. We are working on resolving the issues we know about.

Linchpin Theme

View known issues with Linchpin Theme.

Usability issues

Caches sometimes freeze. CONFLUENCE 7.10 LTP 2.23.3
We noticed that Linchpin Theme sometimes has an issue with the cache. 
You can observe this error when you look at the header. Often, when there is a problem with the cache, the header will look off.

Solution: Clear your cache. This should solve this issue.

Teaser images are missing in PDF exports.
Teaser images are missing when a page is exported to a PDF.

A time-out leads to lost changes in menu configuration.
Changes in the menu configuration can disappear when the admin times-out.

Theme reset to Confluence default after upgrade of Linchpin apps.
Updating Linchpin Theme disables the theme for a brief period. If the Confluence system is accessed by another user during this time, it detects a "missing" theme and resets Confluence to the default theme. 

To repair this, simply activate the theme again. Starting with Confluence 6.15 this is not an issue anymore, so we suggest updating (smile).

Settings for not showing the menu in space themes get reset
When using space themes with deactivated menu and upgrading to Linchpin Theme 2.19.x or Linchpin Suite 2.x, the settings for the menu get reset to default. That means, the spaces using those space themes will show the menu. The setting has to be corrected once after the upgrade, from then on they keep their settings.

Visual issues

A 1/3 page layout makes the Spaces macro disappear.
The Spaces macro can disappear when displayed in a 1/3 page layout.

Pop-ups are displayed in wrong positions.
The login page sometimes can cause pop-ups to appear in wrong positions. This is fixed with Linchpin Theme 2.20.4.

Text inside the header might appear cut-off.
Text inside the action drawer (header) can appear cut-off when it's displayed in two rows.

The placeholder text inside the search bar might appear cut-off.
The placeholder text inside the search bar (for example: "Type to use the search") can appear cut-off.

Sidebar icons break when a system is migrated from HTTP to HTTPS.
If you migrate your system from HTTP to HTTPS, the sidebar might display broken icons. The issue exists because the sidebar uses the base URL of the system to load faster. Sadly, the sidebar does not flush the cache automatically, that's why you have to do it yourself after performing a migration.

To fix this issue, please navigate to Confluence administration → Cache management. Look for the net.seibertmedia.confluence.linchpin-sidebar.cache.sidebar.v2 key and click on the Flush button.

Linchpin User Profiles

View known issues with Linchpin User Profiles.

Usability issues

The 'My Contacts' macro isn't being displayed in PDF exports.
Currently, the 'My Contacts' macro isn't being displayed when you export a page to a PDF file.

Parentheses in filters are treated incorrectly.
Since we have introduced complex filters for your custom landing pages, parentheses in filters are treated as logical characters. Your filter might break if you try to filter by attributes which contain parentheses.

A workaround would be to use the wildcard '?' instead of a parenthesis.

Links which contain single quotation marks do not work properly.
Inside the configuration of LUP, some links may be broken if they contain the single quotation mark (').

"Profile Updated" by Anonymous due to Confluence Synchronization
When Confluence synchronizes against any external user management, all of the newly created and updated users will be displayed under the "All Updates" section of the 'Recently Updated' macro on the Confluence dashboard.
Considering the amount of users Confluence will create or update from the synchronization, it would be better to be excluded from "All Updates" section or Confluence should provide the option to exclude these updates.

Since Confluence 5.5, you can add the following argument in your JVM options to prevent updates to user information appearing in the dashboard:



There are problems with profile picture uploads with Internet Explorer.
In some server configurations, a problem can occur when you upload profile pictures via Internet Explorer. This problem leads to a page with the text "Loading...", and the user is unable to resize the picture.

If this happens, the following snippet can be added to the Apache configuration, which should solve the issue (example for .png-files):

<LocationMatch ".*\.png$">
ForceType image/png
Header set Content-Disposition inline
Header set Content-Type image/png;charset=UTF-8

Copying content and the 'Content Responsibility' macro
The 'Content Responsibility' macro maintains its own data structure separate from Confluence content (pages, blog posts or dashboards). As a result, when you copy content including the macro (manually or through third-party apps like bitvoodoo's Templates for Blog Posts for Confluence), the resulting pages will require you to fill out the responsible user(s) again and save/update the content. The macro settings will carry over.

Embedding the 'Content Responsibility' macro in blueprints is supported, but the created pages will also need to be saved/updated once for the data to be handled correctly.

Multi-select profile field doesn't support multiple XML tags

When importing XML into a multi-select field, we currently don't support multiple XML tags like <node>A</node><node>B</node>. As a workaround, use JSON array strings in a single tag like <node>["A","B"]</node>. See the corresponding section in our documentation for details about this.

Visual/UI issues

Sometimes the profile editor displays Skype configuration options for the XMPP instant messenger field type.
If a Skype IM field was created first, and then a XMPP IM field is created, the profile editor will still display the configuration for Skype instead the one for XMPP.

The 'Customized User List' macro displays horizontal lines double. 
The horizontal lines separating profile fields are displayed double inside the macro.

If a second Skype for Business instant messenger fields is configured to show the online status, a wrong message appears.
If a second Skype for Business instant messenger field is inserted into a profile and it's configured to show the online status, a message asking to replace profile field data will be displayed (this should not be the case).

Linchpin Events

View known issues with Linchpin Events.

Usability issues

Confluence-wide file upload may be broken when Linchpin Events is installed.
There currently is an issue that prevents users from uploading some files to Confluence pages when Linchpin Events is installed in that instance.

(tick) This issue has been fixed in version 3.0.2 of Linchpin Events.

Plugin compatibility

Linchpin Events overrides Space Privacy settings.
When an event is visible to all users (and not restricted to specific spaces), all users will be able to see the event, even if Space Privacy settings would forbid it.

Linchpin Enterprise News

View known issues with Linchpin Enterprise News.

Add-on compatibility

Brikit Theme - loss of metadata

When Linchpin Enterprise News is used in combination with Brikit Theme, saving a blog post results in lost metadata (teaser settings, publish time etc.) of the blog post.

NoEmailStorm - missing buttons

When Linchpin Enterprise News is used in combination with NoEmailStorm, NoEmailStorm buttons won't be displayed while editing blog posts.

Usability issues

The blog post preview is broken for anonymous users.

Currently, the blog post preview doesn't display all elements for anonymous users.

Blog posts created via API do not enter approval workflow.

If a blog post is created via an API, e.g. by a third party app, in a workflow space, it is published immediately and does not enter the approval workflow. Blog post can only enter the approval workflow, if they are created with the editor.

Confluence's notification mail displays the last person who made changes to a blog post as its author.

If person A creates a blog post and submits it for approval, and person B fixes a typo (or changes anything else in the blog post) and then approves it, the mail that is sent out from Confluence displays person B as the author.

User mentions provide access to information ahead of the blog post's approval.

Currently, when a user is mentioned in a blog posts, they receive a mention immediately. This will happen even if the blog post has not been approved yet (provided that an approval workflow is being used). This way, the mention could leak information to this specific users. 

FIXED IN 2.13 E-mail notifications are sent ahead of the blog post's approval.

Currently, if a user subscribed to notifications for all blog posts, the e-mails are being sent the moment a blog post is created. Normally they should be sent only after a blog post has been approved (provided that an approval workflow is being used).

FIXED IN 2.13 Notifications are sent before a post is published.

If a blog post is scheduled, under certain conditions notifications will be sent before the scheduled time has arrived. This behavior occurs, if a user has watched all blogs or is following the creator and in addition has writing permissions to the news space.

Surprising but intentional behavior

When copying or moving published blog posts into other spaces, they enter the approval workflow for the target space again.

Otherwise, an enabled workflow could just be circumvented by creating/publishing news in another space and then moving it to a space reserved for important information. All news items are "published" only in the context of their respective space, and this status resets whenever moved into a space with enabled workflow.

Microblogging for Confluence

View known issues with Linchpin Enterprise News.

Usability issues

Attachments are deleted from the server even without saving the changes.
When attachments are deleted during an edit, but the changes are not saved, the attachments will still be deleted from the server (and the preview links won't work).

Blog posts which use the Microblog macro can't be deleted.
Currently, the blog posts which use the Microblog macro can't be deleted.

Rare bug prevents the usage of links inside the editor.
In isolated cases, problems with links might occur. A very rare bug can occur where it's not possible to input the link address and thus it's not possible to create hyperlinks inside the editor.

Attachments can't be edited. FIXED IN MB 5.1
In version 5.0.x, it's not possible to edit attachments. 

Incompatibilities with third party apps

MultiExcerpt by Artemis Software
The Microblog ist not compatible with the MultiExcerpt app by Artemis Software, Version 5.2.16 and above. The MultiExcerpt app causes the Microblog to freeze the page, when entering mentions, quotes or links, adding a new line, pasting images and other cases. We suggest downgrading to Version 5.2.15 or uninstalling the MultiExcerpt app.

Visual/UI issues

SVG files may not be displayed correctly in the Microblog.
Currently, due to the differences in image sizes, SVG files might not be displayed properly in the Microblog.

Two buttons, one icon - "Select all" and "Deselect all" buttons use the same icon.
The "Select all" and "Deselect all" buttons inside the Microblog portal currently have the same icon.

Very long space and topic names can lead to text overlaps.
A visual error may occur with topic and space names. Very long space and topic names can lead to text overlaps.