Linchpin Community helps you getting more out of your Confluence instance. It allows your users to communicate without needing to create pages or blog posts.

Create communities for topics you are interested in - e.g. active projects or your team, or even just to sell items that you no longer need.

It’s a whole new level of communication within Confluence!

Getting started

Create your first post

After activating the app, you’ll find a Community link in the Confluence sidebar.

You don’t have to create a community before you add your first post. Just start writing and welcome your colleagues. 

When you write a post in the the “All Posts” section, it will only be visible within this section. But you can also find all posts from the other communities here.

It’s easy for your colleagues to answer your post. They just need to click on “Reply”. 

How to start a community

Topics make communication easier - so, it’s best to first create some communities.

Click on Create New Community and write an introductory post to open a new community.

Do you need some ideas? Create a community for …

  • Projects

  • Teams

  • Departments

  • Bulletin boards

  • Products

  • Events

  • Sport groups

  • Interests

Mobile app

We are just as excited as you are …

Upcoming features

We are still working on improving our app. Here are some features you can expect coming up in the next few releases:

  • User mentions

  • Reactions

  • Set permissions for communities

Stay up to date and take a look at our Linchpin Community Canny Board

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This page was last edited on 09/25/2023.