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Filters will help you find events faster. Using filters, you can quickly view events of a specific category or at a specific location etc.

How to use the filter option

Looking for something specific? Click the "Additional filters" button to display a special search bar. Use this search bar to find specific events.

Simply select the category, location or dates you are looking for and the event hub will refresh automatically to show you relevant events.

Which filters can I apply?

Filters you can apply:


Search for events of a specific category only. For example, only display meetings or trainings.


You heard about an event, but the only thing you remember about it is the location. Type the location's name into the location field and the event hub will now show you only events taking place at said location.


Do you want to know if there is a party coming up next month? Input the time window into the filter search bar to display events for the next month!

Reset all filters:

Click "Reset all filters" to remove filters, and see all events again.

This page was last edited on 09/08/2021.