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Adapt your Confluence menu

The Collapsible Admin Menu offers you the flexibility to individually show and hide links in your administration menu. Now your menu bar can look clean, tidy and organized.

Stored for each user

Collapsible Admin Menu remembers you and your preferences! The settings will be stored individually for each user and will persist after a logout or refresh of the page.

Quick search

This lightweight add-on will add a search bar to your administration menu.

This allows you to navigate more quickly, without scrolling endlessly through a never-ending list of menus.

Linchpin overview

The Collapsible Admin Menu bundles all Linchpin-relevant menus under one main Linchpin menu overview.

This allows for a quicker configuration of your Linchpin intranet.

How can I find out what version of Collapsible Admin Menu I am using?

As a user: Ask your administrator.

As an administrator: Navigate to Confluence administration → Manage Add-Ons → Collapsible Admin Menu.

This page was last edited on 08/26/2023.