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In Microblog 5.0, we made some changes to the editor. Here you can read upon the most important questions

FAQ about the new editor

 What happens to already created microblog content?

Nothing. We don't "touch" existing content. After the upgrade to Microblog 5.0, all Microblog posts will stay unchanged. Please note, though, that once you edit an existing post, the styling and content may differ from the original.

Make sure that you don't use any macros, stylings or content types which are not supported anymore.

 Can I edit existing microposts after the update?

Yes, you can edit your old microposts. But be aware that your posts may differ from the originals after your edit. Some stylings and content types are not longer supported, which is why editing an older micropost might lead to deviations.

(Warnung) Once you edit an old micropost, you cannot retrieve the old content! Please save only when you like the changes you made.

 Is it possible to use Confluence macros inside the Microblog?
No, it's not possible to use Confluence macros anymore. Due to security and consistency reasons we were obliged to switch from a Confluence editor to a self-developed solution. This change makes it easier to maintain support and keep the content of the Microblog consistent for all users. We will continuously keep improving the editor to enhance the user experience. If you miss any functionality, please don't hesitate to add a request to our canny board.
 Can I copy and paste content from my Word document into the Microblog?
No, it's not possible to insert already formatted content into the Microblog. Some stylings might not be supported and cause issues. We advise to insert plain text into your Microblog editor.
 Can I edit and delete my own entries?
Yes, it is now possible to edit and delete your own entries. Once someone else commented your post, your admin needs to activate the option to still be able to delete that post.
 Which content types are supported by the new editor?

The tables on this page show all content types which are configurable within the editor and those which are displayable (but not supported by the editor itself).

This content was last updated on 07/01/2020.

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