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Linchpin Events will notify you via email and Confluence notifications about any changes to your events.

How do notifications work?

Whenever something about an event you signed up for changes, you will receive a notification.

Notifications arrive both as emails and Confluence notifications.

You do not have to manually enable notifications. As soon as you join an event, you will automatically receive notifications.

When do I receive notifications?


When you sign up for an event.

When someone else signs you up for an event.(tick)(tick)
When an event changes (e.g. description changes or location changes).(error)(tick)
When you sign out of an event.(tick)(tick)
When someone else signs you out.(tick)(tick)

NEW IN 3.10.0 Sign up and out notifications for the event organizer

Event organizers now have the option to receive a notification about sign ups and sign outs of participants regarding their events. 

This feature is not enabled automatically.

To enable to feature go to tap "Options" within the create event window and check the box "Notify creator".

The option can be switched on and off at any time, the notifications will then be sent or not sent from this point on, nothing retroactive.

When activated, the event organizer will get a notification via mail.

This page was last edited on 03/03/2023.