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NEW IN 3.11

What are Event Messages?

With Event Messages you can send messages with a custom text to all event participants at a specified date and time.

How do I write a message in an event?

To do this click on three dotted icon, select "Edit event", click on the tab "Messages" and on to button "Add message".

Type in your message and enter the date and time into the entry fields depending on when you want it to be send out.

If this time is in the past, the message will be sent immediately.

You can write up to five messages.

There are two different status: NOT YET SENT and SENT

Your message can be up to 5.000 words long.

You can also add messages when you first create an event.

Important Information

Messages will not be send to those on the waiting list.

Participants have to be signed up to the event in order to recieve the notification.

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.