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Enterprise News Bundle

Share your company's news with your employees

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General concept 

In Corporate Communications there's often the need for a workflow that includes an approval. Confluence doesn't offer this possibility by default. Although there are solutions like the Comala Workflows (Comala Document Management) add-on that allow defining almost any kind of workflow process, in many cases this is a bit over the top. So the Enterprise News Bundle comes with an simple, one-step approval workflow.   

Activate the workflow and define editors


In your space tools for a space under the tab Permissions you'll find another tab called Approval Workflow. This is where you define the users or groups that you want to be the editors for this space. By defining at least one editor you'll automatically activate the approval workflow for this space. If you want to deactivate the approval workflow, so that anyone with editing permissions can publish blog posts again, simply clear all the editors.

As long as the approval workflow is activated, only users defined as editors (or users belonging to a group that is defined as editor) are able to publish blog posts. Users with editing permissions still can write blog posts, but they won't see a publish button anymore. Instead, there's a button called Submit for approval for those users.





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