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You can setup your Microblog to send out e-mail notifications when you are mentioned in a micropost or when you receive a reply.

Notifications via e-mail

If a user replies to your micropost or you get mentioned in a micropost, you'll receive an e-mail notification.

The notification e-mails contain the whole micropost, including all replies and attached images.

You can directly view, answer and like the micropost from the e-mail. 

How to set up e-mail notifications

Navigate to the notifications tab

To access the notifications settings, click on the Notifications via email tab inside the Microblog portal settings.

Enable notifications

To enable notifications via e-mail, click on the slider in the gray box. It has to turn green. If the slider is green, it means that you will receive e-mail notifications.

Now, use the drop down menu to decide when you wish to receive your e-mail notifications.

Select spaces and topics for your notifications

You can now select which topics and/or spaces you wish to receive notifications of. 

Click on the envelop icon to select or deselect a topic and/or space.

Do you want to completely reorganize your e-mail notifications quickly? Use the Select all button to select all spaces and topics. Now you can also use the Deselect all button to clear your e-mail notifications completely.