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Using the Duplicate Content Defender

The Duplicate Content Defender ("DCD") helps prevent duplicated pages from being created.

Duplicate Content defender usage

4. Search result preview

  1. Create a new page (or edit an existing one) and start entering a page title.

  2. While typing, the DCD searches your Confluence instance for pages that contain the entered words in the title or content.
    (warning) Note: The search only considers words with at least four letters.

  3. When it finds at least one page, it displays a list of the found pages under the page title. The found search words in the page titles are highlighted in bold.

  4. You can click on each page title to open a preview of this page to see whether it already has the content you just wanted to create. Here, the found search words are highlighted with a yellow background.

  5. You can also restrict the search to the current space.

  6. When the search finds more than seven results, a "More" button is displayed to fetch the next search results.

  7. You can close the DCD view by clicking the "Close" button.


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