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The Language Manager allows you to define the language for every individual Confluence page and blog post. This is needed to link the translations with each other.

How to define the language of a page

Navigate to the page or blog post of your choice.

Click on the three dots context menu  button. A context menu will open. Now, click on the Language Manager button.

A new window called Manage Language Links will open. Here, click on the Select language drop-down menu next to the name of the page/blog post.

Enter the language of your choice. You can either type in the language or choose from the list.

Click the Save button after you chose the language.

A pop-up dialog will appear. You should reload the page to see the changes.

You may not see any changes after a page reload. This is normal if there is no link established yet. Once at least two pages are linked to each other, a button to switch languages will appear.

This content was last updated on 04/06/2021.

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