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If you want to display a compact list of upcoming events, you can use the macro "event list".

Customizing the event list

You can customize your event list, by deciding which events are being displayed. Currently, there are three options for customizing the event list macro.

To see the preview of your changes, press " Refresh" after every change you made.

Event space

Here you can input the spaces from which the events should be displayed. Leaving this field blank will display events from all spaces.

Event categories

Here you can choose to display only events of specific categories. For example, you could create a list with only "customer events" or with only "training" events etc. Leaving this field blank will display events of all categories.

Max. number of events to be shown

By default, a maximum of 15 events will be displayed in a list. If you wish to limit your list, simply put your desired number in.

This page was last edited on 10/13/2022.