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Enabling the custom landing spaces

The custom landing spaces feature defines which space a user will see when they log in.
You can use this feature to redirect users based on their user profile data.

For example, when you have a bilingual site with German and English, every language has its own space in Confluence.
When a user logs in, you can redirect them to the page with the appropriate language, depending on which locale they have set.

This feature requires the Linchpin Manager app to work !
You can also use profile fields which are provided by Linchpin User Profiles app.

Define custom landing spaces for your users

Here you can see three attributes which represent a field in a user's profile.
Let's choose "Name" for the first attribute and "Locale" for the second, then click save.

The configuration below will extend. Now click on "Add landing space". It will ask you to type in data:

  • Landing space: The name of a space, here we used "Demonstration Space".
  • Name: A username in Confluence, here we used "admin".
  • Local: A locale, here we used "de".

When a user logs in, this feature will check if the user is named "admin" and has the language "de" set (German).
If both of these match, then the user's landing page will be set to the "Demonstration Space". Each time they log in, they will see the "Demonstration Space".

If you choose multiple attributes, they all have to match. They are connected by "AND", not "OR".