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General idea

Mandatory news are blog posts which were marked by an authorized user as mandatory news.

A mandatory news article is displayed to all Confluence users with read permissions in spaces with said article(s) as an overlay when they open Confluence the next time (or simply refresh/visit a page).

Create mandatory news

Any blog post can be used for mandatory news. You can set a news article as mandatory in the context menu of said article.

A warning symbol above the page title will indicate that it is now a mandatory news. The content will now automatically be displayed to all Confluence users in an overlay when they visit Confluence the next time.

Configure spaces eligible for mandatory news

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin Enterprise News → Configuration → Mandatory News.

In the Activate space text field, enter the space in which mandatory news should be activated.

Repeat this step for more spaces, if you wish to.

Authorize users within the space tools

Navigate to the space(s) in which you mandatory news is activated.

Click on the Space Tools button in the left sidebar.

In the now open menu, click on the Permissions button.

Select the Mandatory News tab.

In the User or group text field, define users (or groups) who should be able to mark news as mandatory.

Keep in mind that the defined editors are only valid for this specific space.

If more spaces use mandatory news, you will have to define the editor(s) in the respective space tools, too.

Force display news articles to users

Create a news article in a space with active mandatory news.

While viewing the news article, click on the  three dots button.

In the now open context menu, click on the Force display button.

A hint will be displayed. Click on the new Force display button within the hint.

While "force display" is active, the Force display button within the context menu will be replaced with the Remove force display button. In case you want to deactivate it again.

The forced news article will be displayed to all users with view/read permissions in said space(s).

Known issues

  • Mandatory News only work with static content.
  • Mandatory News in the overlay are styled with the CSS of the page visited.
  • If the user name and the group name are identical, the user name will be preferred when selecting eligible user. It is currently not possible to choose between the two in this particular case.

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.