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Welcome to Collapsible Admin Menu!

This guide was created to help you with the setup of the Collapsible Admin Menu. See what can be configured and how you can do it. 

For more information, make sure to view the Collapsible Admin Menu Documentation.

As user:

Ask your administrator for the version of Collapsible Admin Menu.

As administrator:

You find the version number in the administration section (Administration > Manage add-ons > collapsable-admin-menu)

Adapt your Confluence Menu

By using the shortened Admin Menu, you have the flexibility
to individually show and hide links in your administration menu. That way your menu bar looks clean and tidy.

Stored for each user

The shortened menu settings will be stored individually for each user and
will persist after a logout or refresh of the page.

This light-weight add-on will add a search bar to your administration menu,
which enables you to navigate more quickly without scrolling through a long list of menus.