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In General

You can use wildcards for a more effective search. Wildcards replace one or more characters and help to configure your search querys variable. You can use them to find similar words or terms which should start or end with specific letter combination.

Use „?“ to replace a single character.

Use „?“-wildcard to replace only one character in your word. For a example you can find with „t?p“ the words: tip, tap, top.

Use „*“ to replace multiple characters.

With „cal*“ you will find words like calendar, calculate or cancellation.

You can also combine the wildcards or use them multiple times like: http*.confluence.*/?uest. For a example this could match with the URL’s: or .

Custom User List Macro

With the improved user-list macro you can filter various fields and create more powerful user lists. Now it is possible to concatenate different fields to specify your search query. If you want to look up for users with the name „Jonson“ which are working in „San Diego“ you can find them by using the name AND the location field.

You want to create a list with all employees which working at a location beginning with „S“ and additional to this they are assigned in the departure „Finance management“. The departures are listed with different ID’s consisting of: name-teamnumber-subdivison (Examples: finance-1-consultation, finance-2-consultation, finance-1-management).

  1. Choose location and type „S*“ —> Use the * character to replace the part after S

  2. Choose departure and type „Finance-?-management“ —> Replace the number to find all employees working in a finance management group

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