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If an existing gateway connection is reset, the connection data to the gateway is lost. As a result, all mobile clients that were connected to the Confluence cluster must reconnect (by logging in again via QR code in the mobile app).

To provide additional security here, a rudimentary backup solution has been implemented in the Linchpin mobile plugin. This allows the configuration of the gateway connection to be read out and saved as json text. If the gateway connection is reset unintentionally, it can be restored by means of an HTTP post.

Back up an existing Gateway connection configuration

The configuration can be read out directly in the browser by a user with Confluence admin permission. To do this, the user must enter the base url of Confluence in the browser and append the path /rest/linchpin-mobile/1.0/firescope/backup:


In the content area of the browser the data appears in JSON format:

	"brokerHost": "",
	"instanceId": "9d9785cd0123d8236127a10f3c7f2d4e8",
	"password": "ba16d62befbf1230843f4db3b5a5c530",
	"numberOfWorkerThreads": "55",
	"firescopeStage": "prod",
	"cloneDetectionActive": true,
	"boundMacAddress": "42-01-0A-07-03-41"

This JSON string can be secured in a suitable way. 

Restore a Gateway connection configuration from JSON

The saved string can be imported back into the system using an HTTP post with suitable authentication as an admin user.

The post URL is the same as the readout URL:


Example of importing using curl:

curl -i -X POST \
   -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
   -d \
"brokerHost": "",
"instanceId": "9d9785cd0d123436127a10f3c7f2d4e8",
"password": "ba16d62befba1234b0843f4db3b55c530",
"numberOfWorkerThreads": "55",
"firescopeStage": "prod",
"cloneDetectionActive": true,
"boundMacAddress": "42-01-0A-07-30-41"
}' \

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.