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How attachments are displayed in edit mode

While writing (or editing) a micropost, attachments will be displayed below your text. There also is some white-space between your text and your attachments. We hope that this will make writing a post easier and more structured.

File list

If you attach multiple files (which are not images or videos, but for example PDFs) to your micropost, all the attachments will be displayed as a list.

Every attachment will also feature a download button, so that your colleagues can access the files you want to share as easily as possible.

Image gallery

A new implementation is the image gallery.

Images attached to a micropost will be displayed as a gallery now. The gallery supports 1 to 4+ images and will display all attached images next to each other.

There are different gallery styles. What the gallery will look like depends on the attached images and their aspect ratios.

The following sliding image gallery shows what different galleries look like.

If needed, the editor will automatically scale up or crop an image so it fits the gallery.

This might lead to pixelation of very small images which were scaled up to fit the gallery. 

Video handling

Attachments in form of video files will be displayed directly within the micropost.

Our new integrated video player makes it possible to share your videos more efficiently with your colleagues, since they can view the video directly in their timeline. 

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.