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Our new app, Linchpin Manager, offers new styling options with Linchpin Theme.

Get more out of your "Linchpin Theme" with Linchpin apps

In combination with our new "Linchpin Manager" app, Linchpin users are now able to style additional apps to get full control of their theme.

App Name


Linchpin LaunchpadProvides a tab in your sidebar to list your configured apps and links.
Linchpin Enterprise NewsLTP provides additional styling for your news.
Linchpin User ProfilesProvides the expert finder and contact manager for your sidebar.
Navigation Menu EditorLTP provides additional styling for your menu bar, below your header.
Linchpin ManagerProvides cross-app functionality.

Styling of the Navigation Menu Editor

Configure the drop-down & fly-out menus in the "Navigation Menu Editor" app right from within your Linchpin Theme.

Styling Cover Stories in Enterprise News

Define the look & feel of the "Cover Stories" macro, provided by the "Enterprise News Bundle" app by pre-defining color sets for different news types. Define color-sets for "title on color 1 & 2" and make them available in the macro for your frontend users.