Stash by Atlassian is a central system to create and manage Git repositories, where the complete distributed code comes together. Since few projects consist of only one single repository, Stash offers a comfortable project structure which allows to quickly and easily access, organize and manage repositories.

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  • What is git?
  • What as the strength and weaknesses of the software?
  • But I am quite happy with Subversion (SVN). What is all this fuss about? Is there a substantial trend for distributed versioning control systems (DVCS)?
  • Isn't DVCS something for small teams and startups? I am working in a very big company. We value established things way more than the cutting edge stuff, that may not be here to stay.
  • Okay. Let's say we go with DVCS. Why should I take git and not mercurial?
  • I like, that git allows our developers to host the complete repository on his local machine. That makes software development faster. So why do you I need Stash on top?
  • How do you use this rights management with Stash? How does it work? Will developers only get have a repository? Is that still functional then?
  • What is a pull request? What is this for? Aren't we sharing all code with all developers and let everyone do what he wants? Is that only for hierachical software development methods?
  • How would you summarize the advantages of Stash in short?
  • What is the one reason, that your customers give Atlassian today on why they purchase Stash?
  • Can you offer us a small sneak peak into your upcoming next releases? Is there anything, that you can share first hand with us?
  • What is your general roadmap for stash? Where do you want to position it near and long term?
  • Do you ultimately plan to support Mercurial? When is a good time to buy Stash, if I run with hg at the moment?
  • Why should I go for Stash in favor of GitHub Enterprise or RhodeCode?
  • Why is Stash a separated product and not part of Bitbucket. I could imagine seeing Bitbucket Enterprise resembling GitHub Enterprise.
  • Is Atlassian using Stash internally in software development? If not, why not?
  • Wouldn't it be interesting to combine Fisheye, Crucible and Stash in one product?

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