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Vouchers for //SEIBERT/MEDIA services

//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers no free discounts. You can see more about it on our page outlining the advantages of holding a workshop to define basic requirements.

It is our intention to be just as attractive to our new clients as other service providers who offer free initial meetings. We continuously improve both the value and and the quality of our services, to provide our customers with the best services available on the market.

An offer for new customers

For customers who have never taken advantage of our services, we offer a low cost incentive to get started.

Prepaid vouchers for new customers

Service credit


Your savings

USD 500

USD 375

USD -125 (-25%)

USD 1,000

USD 800

USD -200 (-20%)

USD 3,000

USD 2,550

USD -450 (-15%)

In order to qualify for a prepaid voucher, you have to be a new customer who has never previously booked services from //SEIBERT/MEDIA. As a new customer you are eligible to purchase one prepaid voucher only.

Terms and general rules

  • A prepaid voucher must be paid before it can be used (Transaction, PayPal).
  • Once the voucher is paid, you can use our services up to the value of the prepaid voucher. It is not possible to get a money back guarantee.
  • A prepaid voucher with the conditions given above is for new customers only
  • A prepaid voucher can only be used for general services. Hosting services, licenses or other service products with fixed prices are not included.
  • A prepaid voucher can not be used in combination with any other discounts.

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