Create Meaningful Profiles

Linchpin User Profiles enables users to create profiles, that tell a story and draw a realistic picture about them. It allows new colleagues to quickly and easily get to know the team.

Customize Profiles

Your administrators can create profiles with custom fields, arrange the order of fields and create categories. Field types range from text input to user selections.

Connect Via LDAP

Linchpin User Profiles is able to connect to your user directory via LDAP protocol. Just enter the LDAP connection data in the configuration of Linchpin User Profiles and you are set.

Why Linchpin User Profiles?

People are the heart of your company and should be the heart of your Confluence, too. Custom User Profile makes it easier for your employees to connect. Typically, the user directory is a highly popular Confluence feature. It is the part of Confluence that holds your wiki together.

For your employees, Linchpin User Profiles has the following advantages:

  • Their profile lets others know how to contact them.
  • Their intranet profile lets others know what they’re good at.
  • Their intranet profile shows their human side; after all we all like to work with real people - not with anonymous avatars.
  • Their intranet profile allows other users to find them more easily.

Profile Macro

The user profile macro is a preinstalled Confluence macro which we overwrite to display additional information about a user. It displays all fields that the administrator has explicitly marked for display in the vCard.

Show Custom Profile Fields

We have extended the Confluence's profile macro and integrated the feature to determine profile fields you want to display. 
Switch the view mode to 'customized' in the macro browser of the profile macro and use the profile fields input box to provide a comma separated list of profile fields to include them in your vCard output.

Upload Bigger Profile Pictures

Your administrator can choose from different sources for your profile picture. If the option picture from Confluence source is set, you are able to upload your own profile picture. The functionality is pretty much the same as it is provided by Confluence.

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