Since July 2019 Linchpin Navigation Menus is a part of Linchpin Theme.

Linchpin Theme is a component of the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

Drag & Drop menu configuration

Creating your own menus is as easy as moving files around on your laptop.

You can easily configure your individualized menu items and subpages by using the drag & drop function.

Out Of The Box-Feature in Confluence's standard theme

The Linchpin Navigation Menus global menu is easily installed in your Confluence's standard theme - You do not need and programming background for this.

You also have the possibility to integrate the menu into a custom theme by using a Confluence macro.

User-specific navigation based on user characteristics

With our Linchpin User Profiles app and the Linchpin Intranet Suite app, you can further characterize your user profile in the navigation menu.

Imagine a specific navigation based on languages, departments, teams, and so much more...


Navigation bars are among the most important instruments on the web - use the Linchpin Navigation Menus to integrate an individualized navigation system into Confluence! 

Companies that use Confluence often want the navigation bar integrated into the interface so that the important pages can be worked on directly. All users are aware of the navigation through their distribution of websites. This along with the very high usability make navigating a very powerful toon within a wiki. 

With theLinchpin Navigation Menus, //SEIBERT/MEDIA developed a Confluence plugin that allows the user to quickly and easily integrate a navigation bar right into the Confluence interface. The plugin can be conveniently implemented via the plugin manager in the admin area and displayed by entering a code snippet in the navigation bar. You can configure which points will be displayed in the navigation bar and where they will be referenced within the admin area. You can choose the navigation points' titles. As references, you can determine both Confluence pages and external links. In addition to that, creating hierarchies is possible in order to create sub-points from the main menu items. 

Another feature of the Linchpin Navigation Menus is query rights. For example, if a page linked to the navigation bar is protected, the item will only be displayed if the user has access to it. If the user lacks access rights, the item will not be shown. Therefore, the navigation bar keeps track of page restrictions in Confluence. 

Companies that use Confluence in a language other than English can get excited about the multi-linguistic Linchpin Navigation Menus. For every language and country combination, a separate menu can be determined to display user logins. Therefore, different users see different navigation bars depending on the specified user settings. 

The most important features of Linchpin Navigation Menus at a glance:

  • Integration of a navigation bar in Confluence
  • Choice of titles and link destinations in the menu points
  • Subdivision into main points and sub-points are possible
  • Consideration of user rights and display of menu items depending on specified restrictions
  • Multi-language settings available. Different navigation bars can be configured for different language/country combinations

Further details:

  • Drag and drop for positioning navigation elements in admin spaces
  • Optional separate lines can be created between certain menu items
  • The possibility to create navigation elements without a link destination
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