If you work with Scrum or Kanban methodologies in your company, Jira can help you to implement agile project management. Get an overview of projects across multiple teams. Plan and control your projects within Jira.

We would be happy to provide advice on any of the apps listed above and help you implement this use case in your company - we can also provide you with test keys for the respective apps. Simply fill in the contact form on the right or contact us directly by phone on +49 611-20570-120 or by email at licenses@seibert-media.net. We look forward to hearing from you.

Agile Hive - SAFe with Atlassian Tools

Do you want to use agile methods with large software projects with over 10, 20, 100 teams? No problems with Agile Hive and SAFe.

More about Agile Hive


Extend Jira Software to supplement the BigPicture application to visualize and organize multi-level and cross-project issue hierarchies.

Portfolio for Jira

Visualize your projects' planning and management across different teams.


Extend the basic functionality to print issues easily for when you work with paper-based Scrum and Kanban boards.

More about InstaPrinta

Easy Agile User Story Maps

Built customer-centric story maps and plan your sprints.

More about Easy Agile User Story Maps

Tempo Folio

Detail your vision for a product and share it with your stakeholders.

More about Easy Agile Roadmaps

Agile Board Filter

Filter Scrum and Kanban boards, as well as your backlog.

Agile Poker Enterprise

Estimate your Scrum backlog to help you plan your sprints.

Agile project management

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