JIRA workshops

Presentations via desktop sharing and phone

A presentation at your location involves travel time and expenses. Often times, businesses are interested in a first orientation and in assistance to plan the project. That is when a presentation via phone will be just what you need. Via internet we will be looking at the same screen and talk on the phone. In that way we can show you the basics, the software and create a foundation to evaluate our professionalism.

A desktop sharing and phone presentation usually lasts about one hour and will be conducted by an experienced consultant (USD 200 per hour).


This workshop entails a foundational presentation of the JIRA software. In addition, we show a successful task management requires more than an installed JIRA software. We will bring documents and templates, which you can use for your internal communication. In addition, you will gain a deeper understanding of the strategic and operational options of JIRA, the challenges that come with installation and an overview of our extensive experiences from both big, multinational businesses and small teams.

A real presentation usually lasts 2-3 hours and will be conducted by an experienced consultant (USD 200 per hour). Travel costs may apply. 

Jumpstart workshop to get started

This workshop entails the presentation described above. In addition, we will take the first steps in JIRA hands on with you. Since JIRA develops iteratively, this is the ideal start into an extensive test and it is the preparation for the actual use in your business. This workshop is particularly interesting, because we will provide you with a free test instance of JIRA for at least 30 days as part of the workshop (upon request also 60 or 90 days). These environments allow you to use your first experiences.

Many of our customers have booked this workshop to prepare “best practices” with us and later work with them. Real examples will convince your management and team more than images. The jumpstart workshop immediately gets you started with the use of JIRA.

We believe this is the most affordable and simple way to start using JIRA.

A jumpstart workshop usually lasts 4-8 hours and is conducted by an experienced consultant (USD 200 per hour). Travel costs may apply. 

Pre-study and feasibility analysis

A pre-study and feasibility analysis contains the presentation (described above) as well as the jumpstart workshop but goes one step further. Pre-studies with //SEIBERT/MEDIA are the most professional procedure we offer and a systematic process towards a successful JIRA launch. This is where our consultants analyse and evaluate the challenges and chances of your existing processes within your company. You’ll gain insights into strategy, the success factors organisation, culture and technics of JIRA, the software systems and its control. You’ll develop best practices with the help of a trial account and create “real results”. Furthermore we develop a professional presentation, that will be the best basis for your internal decision for or against JIRA.

This offer is mostly booked by bigger companies, that depend on a professional, complete and high quality process of decision preparation.

If desired, we will join the presentation of the pre-study results and feasibility analysis to the management. 

A pre-study and feasibility analysis usually takes about 16 hours and is conducted by a professional consultant (USD 200 per hour).Additional expenses are possible and will be disclosed separately.

Train the trainer workshop: workshop to motivate decision makers

Nothing is more important than the acceptance and usage of a software system. Your decision makers define the success of the task management system JIRA by their own actions and by leading the employees. What needs to be requested? Where should there be guidelines? What does not work with guidelines? What works? Where should employees be helped? What is redundant if saved in JIRA? How do I treat e-mails? What do I do with JIRA objectors? How do I react to arguments against JIRA? What are common themes? How do employees often act in JIRA?

We answer questions similar to that and help your decision makers to answer them themselves.

A train the trainer workshop usually lasts 6 hours and is conducted by an experienced consultant (USD 200 per hour). Travel costs may apply. 


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