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Prevent duplicate issues effortlessly

Keep an organized project with the help of DID for Jira Cloud.

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Focus on important tasks by preventing the creation of duplicates.

We want to make your work day easier. And we all know the darkside of Jira projects and backlogs. Tons of issues. And it gets more day by day. Let us help you keep your Jira organized.



What to expect

Activate DID for Jira projects

It's up to you for which projects you want to use the Duplicate Issue Defender. As an administrator you can setup the app easily.

Easy check for duplicates

Estimation by T-shirt sizes. A simple and yet well applicable method to estimate ticket sizes. Quick to grasp and thus good for stakeholder satisfaction.

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Duplicate Issue Defender

Available for Jira Cloud

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This page was last edited on 08/02/2022.