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This page is a collection of resources and information on Atlassian and Atlassian products, which we have made freely available on the web. It is intended to allow you to more easily begin your work and give you useful information on a possible collaboration with //SEIBERT/MEDIA in your Atlassian project.

Sample quotations

Take a look at our sample quotations. This is what we can do for you:

Articles in our Weblog

Several articles in our blog are dedicated to Atlassian products. You will find product updates, articles with tutorials and best practices, summaries of interesting events and much more.

Atlassian Licenses: Prices and Costs

Atlassian prices are transparent and straightforward: The costs for Atlassian systems instance depend on the maximum number of users. You purchase a license once, which you can use for unlimited time. For one year you have access to support. When receiving support beyond that time or if you would like to upgrade, you can renew the software maintenance for half the price of the initial license costs as often as desired. You will find an overview over the different license types and costs here.

Why purchase Jira licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

There are many good reasons to purchase Jira licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA, one of the biggest official Atlassian partners in the world, and Atlassian Enterprise Expert. Learn more about all of the benefits of purchasing through us:

Impressions from Atlassian Summit 2013

Exclusive insights into the world of Atlassian via videos and photos from big Atlassian events:

The Atlassian Enterprise Club by //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Become a member of the Atlassian Enterprise Club by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and receive support by one of the biggest Atlassian partners in the world. Make the most out of your license purchases: exclusive events, strategic license consulting for free, opportunity to directly network with other Atlassian customers and more.

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Atlassian staff about
//SEIBERT/MEDIA as a partner

Interviews with Atlassian staff about new products

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