Prerequisites for using Agile Hive Cloud with existing Jira projects


In general, with Agile Hive Cloud you're able to keep using your already existing Jira projects.

However, there are some limitations in place as of now (Feb '23) regarding some project types and categories that are not yet compatible with Agile Hive Cloud:

  • Team-managed projects
  • Service Management projects
  • Product Discovery projects

In the future, we plan to support more project types in Agile Hive Cloud. You can provide more information on your company's specific requirements over at

Further Information

Agile Hive Cloud comes with a predefined set of Jira Issue Types, Jira Issue Type Schemes, Jira Workflows, and other templates to enable administrators to quickly prepare a large number of existing projects for being used with the app. Also, new projects can be created and assigned built-in templates for use with the corresponding layers from the SAFe® framework.

Important: There is no obligation to use the supplied project templates. However, not all functionalities of Agile Hive Cloud may be fully available in that case.

In the future, we plan to extend support for existing Jira projects in Agile Hive Cloud (e.g., by providing a way to map existing issue types to issue types required for dedicated Agile Hive functionality).

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