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Key Features

  • Upgrade your page to an event page with the Linchpin Events macro.

  • Be notified by email if someone adds you to an event or removes you from it.

  • Set a maximum number of participants.

  • Place a list of upcoming events anywhere on a page or display all of your events in a nice calendar macro.

  • Hide the user list. Participants will still see themselves, and editors will still see all participants.

  • Send invitations to let users register instead of directly adding them to an event.

  • Use the email sent by the app with .ics files to easily add, change or delete events to your favourite calendar tool.

  • Choose between a compact and a detailed participant list.

  • See the calendar switch responsively in small areas to a more compact layout.

  • Use the option in an event to close user registrations. You can disable sign-ups on event creation or when editing it.

  • Download participant lists with user details of your events as a CSV file.


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